Multiple Negative Terms + Bing, Yahoo

We just wrapped up another successful Google autocomplete case – this time for a client who had two negative terms that populated the suggestions.

When the client contacted us, he had the term “lawsuit” appearing next to his name. He also had a country appearing next to his name which he wanted removed because when you clicked on that suggestion, it would lead you right back to the lawsuit information.

What made this case unique was that the client also had autocomplete problems in Bing and Yahoo – for entirely different negative terms.

Autocomplete Campaign Summary

Volume: 10 searches per month for both “client name + lawsuit” and “client name + country” in Google. We assumed similar or lower volume for the negative terms in Bing and Yahoo.

Strategy: Aim for 20 searches per month from a variety of US-based computers for each of 20 keywords in all three search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Campaign Start Date: September 3, 2013

Autocomplete Corrected: November 21, 2013 (Bing), November 26, 2013 (Google)

As of this publishing date, our campaign to change Yahoo’s suggestions about our client is ongoing. Yahoo takes much longer to correct.

Both Bing and Google were fixed inside of three months.

Autocomplete Client Testimonial

Mike Munter took on my Google and Bing/Yahoo/MSN autocomplete work at a very reasonable price. Even better, several months later, the autocomplete suggestions on all search engines had completely changed to positive terms. The search engine algorithms are notoriously heinous for people’s reputations, and I was no exception. Thanks to Mike, it’s gone, and done. I’m very happy with the result, and the price. Thank you, Mike! – JO

Thank you Mike!

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