Negative Suggestion And Client City Begin With Same Letters

In May of 2013, I was contacted by a client who was literally being extorted by another company who had found and posted online some old negative content from my client’s past. This was causing the negative term to appear as a suggestion when my client Googled his name.

To make matters worse, the negative term started with the same two letters as the city where he lived and worked. (ie, hypothetically, the negative term was “DUI” and he lived in “Durham, NC”).

In this case, we were both concerned that we had to be precise in the selection of positive terms. What we didn’t want was for people to search for him and start typing the city and then see the negative term. We decided to take the extra step of making sure most of the positive terms we appended to his name began with “Du—-“.

As you can imagine, this led to some pretty silly terms, such as duck, dueling banjos, du jour, etc. We also had to create content that was relevant to the searches we were about to perform.

Autocomplete Campaign Summary

Volume:  0 searches per month for the client name + negative term.

Strategy: Aim for 20 searches per month from a variety of different US-based computers for each of 20 keywords, 15 of which began with the letters “Du—-“.

Campaign Start Date: May 20, 2013

Autocomplete Corrected: July 15, 2013

Result: In about 8 weeks, we pushed out the negative term. I have to admit, it was kind of funny to see all those terms beginning with “Du—-” next to my client’s name. Alas, our mission was accomplished; even when we began typing “Durham” after his name.

Autocomplete Client Testimonial

“I had a major SEO problem and needed someone who could assist me with my problem ASAP!!   While searching on-line I found various web sites who indicated they could help me but were quoting me in the “thousands” of dollars for their services.  In addition, they made no guarantees and told me I would have to wait months on end before seeing results.

Then  I found Mike and thank God I did!    He got my job done at an extremely reasonable price, stayed in communication throughout, and within a few weeks all my SEO problems were gone.  If you need your on-line reputation cleaned up, I would refer Mike Munter over anyone else I have come across anytime of the day!” -AN


This client was a special case because of the situation with the negative term and city beginning with the same two letters. It also meant that with such a crazy keyword list, we had to take the extra step to create relevant content, so that the searches we were making made sense to Google.

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