“Searches Related To” Corrected

We took on a test client who wanted to have the Google “searches related to”┬ásection changed and something very interesting happened. In less than 30 days, ALL of his related searches are gone.

How “Searches Related To” Changed

What we did was search a variety of positive phrases in succession from a variety of computers around the US. The search flow looked something like this:

client name
client name + keyword 1
client name
client name + keyword 2
client name
client name + keyword 3, and so on.

In some cases, we searched these in small sets, only searching the client name and one keyword. Most of the time, we searched the client name/keyword combo across the whole set. (There were 10 total variations). We performed about 60-70 organic searches for each of the keyword-appended terms.

The goal of the campaign was to remove two negative terms from the Searches Related To section below the search results. We had never tried it before and did not know of anyone who could definitively say how to do it.

So, we took the campaign on as a test case, charging the client a nominal fee to perform the searches. To our surprise, in less than 30 days, ALL Searches Related To are now gone.


At this point, I would not say with confidence that we can change Searches Related To, but if you are having a problem, we are willing to charge a lower cost than usual to test this theory again and see if it works. Call 503-890-6663 for a consultation.

If you need help fixing your autocomplete problem, we’re very affordable. Contact us for a quote.