Unwanted Google Suggestion Cleaned Up For Local Actor/Director

On November 20, 2013, we were contacted by an aspiring actor, director, and sales executive who had multiple negative suggestions following his name when it was entered into Google.

In total, five unwanted suggestions populated his autofill results. This wasn’t good, considering he is an entrepreneur involved in a variety of high profile projects.

Google Autocomplete Campaign Summary

Volume: Google’s Keyword Planner reported ZERO volume for all 5 of the negative suggestions and an average of 110 searches per month for this individual’s name over the last 11 months.

Strategy: Together with the client, we created a list of 18 positive “name + keyword” suggestions for our search activity. We got to work immediately, searching each term 20x in November from different computers all over the country. We ramped up our volume to about 50 searches per month in each subsequent month.

Campaign Start Date: November 23, 2013

Autocomplete Corrected: March 11, 2014

Result: It took just under 4 months to push out every single negative term. Each of his Google autocomplete suggestions is now a positive one.

Additionally, this client has decided to move forward with a monthly maintenance plan as a safeguard against the negative suggestions re-appearing. Each month, we perform a minimal number of searches for his 10 positive terms.

Autocomplete Client Testimonial

“Having tried numerous strategies on my own without seeing success and having considered other reputation management companies that wanted very high fees for this service, I was ecstatic to find Mike’s company.  In a short period of time, Mike was able to solve this online problem I had.  He was easy to work with and communicated regularly throughout the process. His rates were very reasonable and I would highly recommend his services to others.” – JH

If you’re looking for a fix for Google suggestions, please give us a call at 503-890-6663. We’ll give you a quote right on the phone and we respect your confidentiality and appreciate your business.