Don’t Use Microworkers To Fix Your Google Autocomplete Problem

Microworkers is a crowdsource site that allows you to get tasks completed by workers all over the world. I’ve used it in the past to create search activity (similar to Mechanical Turk) to correct Google Autocomplete campaigns and it used to work beautifully.

But it doesn’t work anymore. In fact, crowdsource sites no longer work to fix problems with negative suggestions in Google.

Failed Autocomplete Campaign Using Microworkers

I know we’re not supposed to “out” other firms, but I want you to understand and see for yourself why Microworkers isn’t working and why YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR REPUTATION MANAGEMENT FIRM HOW THEY INTEND TO FIX YOUR AUTOCOMPLETE PROBLEM.

autocomplete campaigned failed using microworkers

I took the above screenshot April 22, 2016. Notice the negative “scam” appearing #1 and “corporation scam” appearing #6.

There were 500 jobs listed on Microworkers asking for people to search positive terms related to Vector Marketing. (This is typically how we try to push out negatives – by accumulating search activity around positive terms in hopes it will push out the negative suggestions).

I had a feeling it wouldn’t work because crowdsource sites like Microworkers, Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower and others leave an easy footprint Google can track. I believe that any searches made from these sites simply don’t count and this is why Autocomplete campaigns using these sites will fail over and over again.

vector marketing autocomplete campaign update july 2016

The screenshot above was taken July 7, 2016 and after 3 months, you can see that scam is still the #1 suggestion and now a new negative “scam reddit” has appeared #8.

We’ll have to check back in another 3 months, but thus far, the “scam” suggestion continues to hurt Vector Marketing and this campaign is failing. The reason is because whatever ORM firm setup this campaign used Microworkers to list it’s jobs.

I outline the reasons why crowdsource sites like Microworkers do not work in this 6 minute video:


No one can guarantee results with Google Autocomplete. The algorithm is simply changing too quickly: Google needs to protect the authenticity of the suggestions it provides.

But if you have a negative suggestion that is effecting your business, you need to hire us. We give you the BEST CHANCE to push out unwanted suggestions because we:

  1. Only use real people to perform searches
  2. We do not use crowdsource sites like Microworkers
  3. We do not use bots or proxies to try to simulate search activity
  4. We do everything we can to not leave a footprint Google can track

Our methods are explained here.

Before you hire anyone else to fix your Google, Bing, or Yahoo Autocomplete problem, you need to ask them: How are you creating natural looking search activity?

If they won’t tell you, can’t tell you, or skirt the question, move on. They don’t know what they’re doing.

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