How To See All 10 Autofill Suggestions In Google

If you’re only seeing four suggestions when you start typing a search phrase in Google, you probably have to change your preferences to never show Google instant results.

With “Always show Instant results,” you see this:

pepsi - always show google instant


With “Never show Instant results,” you see this:


It’s also interesting to see that in addition from going from 4 suggestions to 10 suggestions, we can see that the predictions Google serves up are different.

How To See All Ten Google Autocomplete Suggestions

If you want to see all ten of Google’s suggestions, go to and select the option “Never show Instant results” under the Google Instant predictions section.

show all 10 suggestions - never show google instant results


Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and hit the blue SAVE button. This will save your settings for whenever you sign in to your account.



Now, you’ll see all 10 suggestions (if there are 10), when you perform your search queries.

I couldn’t find data to tell whether Google Instant is on or off by default or what percentage of people turn if off entirely. See Google’s official statement of use on Google Instant.

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