Keyword Branding Using Google Suggestions

keyword branding with google suggestions

Keyword branding with Google Suggest is a super way to separate yourself from your competitors. By suggesting your name to potential customers that type your keywords into search engines, you achieve the following:

  1. Instant credibility with consumers
  2. Recognition of your status as a dominant player in your business niche
  3. Validation of your expertise by the world’s largest search engine
  4. Exclusivity in your market (we only work with one client per industry)
  5. Possibility they will click through to your website

What is keyword branding with Google Suggest?

If you type almost anything into Google, you will suggestions for you to click on. This feature is called Google Autocomplete and is meant to help get you where you want to go quicker.

By “suggesting” popular search queries that others have clicked on, Google Autocomplete (also called Google Suggest or Autofill) predicts what you might be looking for. Offering popular suggestions to consumers is a way to help speed you through searches because all you have to do is click on the suggestion without having to finish typing it.

What we do is append your name or brand as a suggestion next to lucrative keywords in your niche. This is what we call Keyword Branding.

How Keyword Branding in Google Suggest Can Help You

Here are the benefits of our Google Autocomplete keyword branding services:

Achieve Celebrity Status

Much like radio and television advertising, you achieve a level of “celebrity status” when people see your name.  With nearly 6 billion searches daily, Google has become a great place to be seen. By adding your name as a suggestion to multiple keywords in your business niche, you separate yourself from others in your industry and achieve rockstar status.

In the example above, people searching for a “Portland realtor” are likely to be curious who Barbara Covert is. Since Google is validating her as a top realtor for the keyword “Portland realtor,” her status is instantly elevated in the mind of consumers.

Geo-Targeting Your Keywords

A dentist with an office 30 minutes from a major city can target consumers within the city limits using keyword branding with Google suggestions. Here’s an example of why this is helpful.

Let’s say our dentist has an office in West Linn, Oregon, a small town of 25,000 people. He’d like to target people in Portland, a city of 500,000 people, less than 30 minutes away. By adding his business name to keywords like “portland dentist,” “dentist portland,” and “cosmetic dentist portland,” he now is generating brand awareness with consumers in Portland who are looking for a dentist.

Of course, the same dentist will probably want to append his business name as a suggestion to several other small towns and cities close to his office.

Shortcut To SEO

Of course, it would be wonderful if, when we typed “Portland dentist” into Google, our West Linn dentist would appear in the organic search results. This is often challenging for businesses with a physical address outside of the city center, since Google’s local search results are strongly biased by location.

So, in addition to targeting your location using “doorway” pages, you can shortcut your SEO efforts using our keyword branding services. When you add your brand to a keyword you want to target, you help consumers find you quickly.


We only work with one client in each industry for each market. In keeping with our West Linn dentist example, if he chose to purchase terms like “portland dentist,” we would not sell to another dentist who wanted to target the same term.

We believe in building long-term relationships with each of our clients and have no desire to pit one client against another. That’s unethical and is not the way we operate.

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