Related Searches Appearing At The TOP of Search Results

In a few rare cases, I’ve seen Related Searches appear ABOVE the organic search results. Generally, we expect to see them at the bottom, but in doing some research for a client today, I noticed 3 related searches to “foreclosure attorney” appearing above the SERPs.

related searches appearing at the top of SERPs


I’ve also seen this happen one time with an autocomplete client I consulted with. In their case, two related searches appeared right after they started their campaign and they are still there – 6 months later.

Why do Related Searches Appear Above Organic Search Results?

Great question. In the only case where I witnessed this happen, I believe it was because the client did too many searches with the client’s name all at once. This caused Google to pull a couple of the related searches from the pool at the bottom and place them at the top.

They were trying to influence autocomplete and they just hit it too hard. But that’s just a guess.

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