Case Studies

At any one time, we are working on fixing many different Google autocomplete problems. Here are a few case studies that are unique, for one reason or another. Each has had a successful outcome and client testimonials are listed on each page where provided.

Autocomplete Cases Fixed

Google UK/USA Autocomplete Fixed For Controversial Religious Term 6/8/13

Negative Google Suggestion And Client’s Home City Begin With Same Two Letters 7/15/13

Multiple Negative Terms In Google, Bing, and Yahoo 11/21/13

Google “Searches Related To” Fixed 1/9/14

Autocomplete Fixed For Both First Name and Nickname of Real Estate Developer 1/22/14

Bing Autocomplete Fixed in 2 Weeks! 2/28/14

Google Autocomplete Fixed For Business Coach 3/8/14

Multi-City Suggestions Fixed In Google For Real Estate Entrepreneur 3-10-14

Unwanted Google Suggestions Cleaned Up For Actor/Director 3/20/14

Minneapolis Entrepreneur Google Suggest Fixed In One Month 4-2-14

Bing Suggestions Cleared Up In Under 30 Days 4-2-14